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Boudicca was never captured, only imprisoned for a while by the treacherous Roman Governor of Britain Gaius Paulinus, following the death of Boudicca's husband King Prasutagus, ruler of the powerful Iceni tribe. Prasutagus had worked hard to build up good relations with the Roman occupiers, and sought to continue this goodwill by making the Roman Emperor Nero co-heir to his kingdom following his death. But Gaius Paulinus refused to honour the arrangement, imprisoning Boudicca, having her two daughters raped by rogue Roman troops, and siezing all the Iceni's land and assets. It was this that sparked the Boudiccan Revolt of 60 AD.

Following the crushing of her rebellion the following year, both Boudicca and her daughters committed suicide by drinking poison rather than suffer the humiliation of being arrested and executed by the Roman authorities. Their burial place is unknown.

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Boudicca was never captured. It is said that she poisoned herself rather than be taken prisoner.

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Q: How boudicca was captured if she was?
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What would have happened to boudicca if she had been captured by Romans?

She probably would have been humiliated and killed.

Why did Queen Boudicca die?

By some accounts she took poison to prevent herself from being captured by the Romans.

Where was boudicca defeated?

she was defeated at watling street and poisened herself because she didn't want to be captured,died at AD 60

Was Boudicca a Celt or a Roman?

Boudicca was a Celt.

Is Boudicca Scottish?

Boudicca was not Scottish. She was English.

When were the boudicas defeated by the Romans?

There was only one Boudicca. She was a queen of the Iceni tribe in Britain. She was defeated by the Romans in 62 AD and poisoned herself rather than be captured.

Where did boudicca get poison from?

Boudicca got the poison from a friend

Who was boudicca marrid to?

boudicca was married to Prasutagus, and Icenian king

Where did boudicca grow up?

Boudicca was born in Comulodunum (Colchester)

Was boudicca successful?

Boudicca wasnt very successful

Who did Boudicca Mary?

Boudicca was married to the Iceni king, Pratsutagus.

When was London burned by Boudicca's tribesmen?

it was burned in 1666 but not by Boudicca's tribesmen!!