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Today historians can use technology to prove historical facts false or accurate, they can test out theories better.

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to study culture

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so true 
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that's correct

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Q: How can new discoveries affect interpretations of history?
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How did European explorers affect history?

The most obvious way that European explorers affected history was discovery. European explorers discovered a lot of the world like Australia, the Antarctic, America... for example. Without them we wouldn't know about the world. They would have helped with trade and discoveries as well. Like for trade they would discover new ways to get to different places so that people could trade with each other, like ways from getting from Europe to Asia faster by ship. They would help with discoveries too. If the Galapagos Islands hadn't been discovered would Darwin have been able to make his observations that led to the theory of evolution.

What important paper did Sir Humphrey Gilbert write in 1566?

A Discourcs of a Discoveries for a new Passage to Cataia.

Why is history our past always changing even though it already happened?

History, our past, does not change. However, every new day we add to history by doing new things.

What is the history of mathematics?

The history of math started with sir Williams rowan hamilton. The history of math is almost as long as the history of man . Indeed one can fill a book with just the greatly condensed highlights. The related link to the wikipedia article is a good summary and gives references for further reading. Even the history of just one branch of math is long and complicated. Today there are dozens of journals publishing hundreds of new mathematical discoveries being made daily by thousands of mathematicians all over the world.

Who wrote History of New York?

Washington Irving

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How do new scientific discoveries affect your every day life?

New discoveries affect our lives in that; we have more stuff that helps us do our daily activities faster and more efficiently. New discoveries also affect employment because they use machines to replace human employment.

Why is much of history is still open to interpretation?

History is open to interpretation because it relies on analyzing and interpreting sources that are often incomplete, biased, or have different perspectives. Historians bring their own perspectives and biases to their interpretations, leading to differing conclusions. Additionally, new evidence or discoveries can challenge existing interpretations, leading to ongoing debate and revision of historical narratives.

Is history certain?

No, history is constantly being rewritten through new findings and interpretations. The only certainty in history is that it won't be the same in future.

How did the scientific discoveries of Copernicus offer a new view on the world?

look in your history book your teacher gave you.

Why was scientific revolution a pivotal time in history?

It changed humankind's approach to understanding the natural world and led to new discoveries.

Why was the scientific revolution a pivotal time history?

It changed humankind's approach to understanding the natural world and led to new discoveries.

What are cell fusion's new discoveries?

what are some new discoveries in cells and cell structures?

Eagerly awaited are the archaeologists' new discoveries. What is the simple subject?


How did the discoveries of European Explorers usher in a new era of history?

Once a new world was discovered, people saw the world they knew in a completely different way. Once the US declared independence, history in the western world started.

Why is it important for scientists to search for new discoveries?

New discoveries constantly lead to new procedures that influence your lifestyle or standard of living.

Who is a person who searches new regions and makes discoveries?

a person who searches new regions and makes discoveries is callled?

Were any major discoveries made in this exploration?

Yes, several major discoveries were made during this exploration, including a new species of deep-sea fish, evidence of a previously unknown ancient civilization, and unique geological formations never seen before. These discoveries have provided valuable insights into the biodiversity and history of the region.