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It probably isn't a question of Britain "gaining control" of Australia so much as it was that England just put a bunch of people on ships and set them ashore on the land down under. That made Australia a de facto British colony. The native Australians didn't complain too much, and certainly hadn't the numbers or the power to stop things, even if they did. This happened before, this colonization. What's a good example of that? Big country. Lots of room to develop. Stunning store of Natural Resources. Oh, yes! America!

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James Cook charted the eastern coast of Australia in 1770 (but he did not discover it) and claimed the land in the name of England, calling it New South Wales. This was effectively the beginning of British control of Australia.

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by treaty with Spain after victory in war

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Q: How did Britain gain control of the Australian colony?
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God help me

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