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It's a big country, with a lot of people, divided into several ethnic groups.

If a Han warlord conquers a province with not-Han people, they might revolt, probably also because he raided their land before, and he must start over. There are many reasons.

Not part of the question, but i just have to bring it up, why did China so often break up into several small Warlord nations?

Well, in Europe, in medieval christian Kingdoms, the Crown, the right to rule, came from God, via the pope, to the King. Meaning, if you took the crown from the King, you didn't have God's support.

In China, if you managed to take the Throne, it showed that apparently you had the support of Heaven and therefore you managed to become Emperor.

Meaning, legitimacy in China came just by seizing power, it tempted Warlords to appear and try their luck.

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How did china's geography make it difficult for the zhou kings to keep their large kingdom united

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Q: How did China's geography make it it difficult for the Zhou kings to keep there kingdom united?
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