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he promoted religous tolerence

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Q: How did Constantine I help make Christianity a unifying force in the Byzantine Empire?
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How did Constantine help make Christianity a unifying force in the byzantine empire?

he promoted religous tolerence

Did Constantine see Christianity as a unifying force in the Roman Empire?


What religion did Constantine promote in the Byzantine Empire?

Constantine promoted Christianity, but not in the Byzantine Empire. Constantine was emperor of Rome from 306 to 337 CE, but the Byzantine Empire came into existence in 395 CE, when Arcadius became emperor of the Eastern Empire, separating from the Western Roman Empire.

How did Byzantine promote Christianity?

The Byzantine empire promoted Christianity because of the emperor Constantine he protected the Christians and persecuted the non-Christians .Constantine ruled from. 527- 565 a.d

Who helped to socially and politically unify the early byzantine empire by tolerating and even promoting Christianity?

Constantine I

How does history remember emperor Constantine?

History remembers Constantine by naming the capital of the Byzantine Empire after him (Constantinople). It is now Instabul, Turkey. Constantine is also remembered a the emperor who legalized Christianity.

In what ways was Christianity a unifying force in the Roman Empire?

in what way was Christianity a unifying force in the roman

What historians call the empire of constantine's eastern empire?

Byzantine Empire

A strong emperor of the byzantine empire?

Justinian I, Leo III, John I Tzimisces, Basil II, Manuel I

What are 3 things that the byzantine empire is known for?

The Byzantine Empire is best know for its role in spreading Christianity and for its capital city, Constantinople, which was originally Byzantium, but Emperor Constantine moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople during the last years of the Roman Empire. Back to Christianity, the Byzantines spread Christianity throughout their lands from Russia to modern-day Turkey. The spread of Christianity stopped when the Umayyad Caliphate in the Middle East rapidly began conquering lands and making many people change from Christianity to Islam.

WHo was the capital of the Byzantine empire named after?


What faith took root in eastern roman empire?

Christianity took root in the Eastern Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire. The empire became Christianized under the rule of Emperor Constantine, and the official religion shifted from paganism to Christianity. The Eastern Orthodox Church emerged as the dominant Christian faith in the Byzantine Empire.