How did Eddie Mabo die?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Eddie Mabo campaigned for Indigenous land rights. He was involved in a landmark case which overturned the long held view that Australia was empty when Europeans arrived called terra nullius and awarded Aboriginals right to the land, this was called native title.

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Eddie Mabo died of cancer at the age of 55.

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he was 55

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Q: How did Eddie Mabo die?
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Related questions

What age did Eddie Mabo die?

Eddie Mabo died of Cancer at 55

Who was Eddie Mabo's mother?

Annie Mabo is the mother of Eddie Mabo.

When did mabo Eddie die?

21st January 1992

What is Eddie Mabo's birth name?

Eddie Mabo's birth name was Eddie Koiki Sambo.

What was Eddie Mabo's culture?

Eddie Mabo was an Torres straight islander, and an Aboriginie.

What sort of cancer did Eddie mabo die from?

Eddie Mabo passed away on January 21,1992 at the age of 55. He died after a long battle with cancer. The type of cancer he had was never revealed.

What day did Eddie Mabo marry Bonita Neehow?

Eddie Mabo was married in 1959.

What methods did the mabo use to protest?

What methods did Eddie Mabo use to protest?

When did Eddie mabo live?


What prank did Eddie Mabo do?

It is disrespectful to say because Eddie Mabo did a very respectful thing in Australia's/ Aboriginal 's history.

Did Eddie mabo have children?

Eddie Mabo altogether had 10 children with his wife, Bonita Neehow.

What were Eddie Mabo's beliefs?

Eddie Mabo campaigned for indigenous land rights and believed that indigenous people had the right to own land.