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The Fenians, while attempting to put pressure on Britain to gain independence for the Irish from Britain, actually further facilitated the Canadian Confederation. The 1866-1871 raids on New Brunswick brought fear to the BNA colonies, and while already discussing Confederation for decades, the Maritimes were fearful and felt that being part of a united Canada could help to defend them.

Simply, the Fenian raids sped up Confederation for the purposes of national defence.

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Q: How did Fenian raids influence confederation?
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How did the Fenian's Influence and affect confederation?


How did the fenian raids affect Canadian confederation?

It affected confederation cuz the raids raised the Britain colonies defenses against the war with BNA so BNA had to get the same defenses by using raids

When did Fenian raids happen?

Fenian raids happened in 1818-04.

Internal causes and the external factors that led to Confederation?

internal: -repeal of the corn laws - political deadlock -the railway external: -manifest destiny -the Trent affair -the chesapeake incident -the st.alban's raid -the fenian raids -end of reciprocity AND THATS IT. :) internal: -repeal of the corn laws - political deadlock -the railway external: -manifest destiny -the Trent affair -the chesapeake incident -the st.alban's raid -the fenian raids -end of reciprocity AND THATS IT. :)

When did the fenian raids happen?

They happened from April 1866 to October 1871.

Who are Moran and Gray?

Assassins associated with the Fenian raids into Upper Canada. Moran and Gray are two contemporary actresses with the first name of Erin.

What were the Fenian raids?

The Fenian raids were attacks by members of the Fenian Brotherhood based in the United States on British army forts, customs posts and other targets in Canada in order to bring pressure on Britain to withdraw from Ireland, between 1866 and 1871. Most of the raids were successfully repelled by British forces and local militias. They divided many Catholic Irish-Canadians, many of whom were torn between loyalty to their new home and sympathy for the aims of the Fenians. The Protestant Irish were generally loyal to Britain and fought with the Orange Order against the Fenians. While the U.S. authorities arrested the men and confiscated their arms afterwards, there is speculation that many in government had turned a blind eye to the preparations for the invasion, angered at actions that could be construed as British assistance to the Confederacy during the American Civil War. There were five Fenian raids of note.

What are the five factors leading to confederation?

The 5 factors of confederation are:1) the threat of an American takeover and fenian raids2) the trouble with trade3) political deadlock4) the need for rail links5) changing british attitudes

If you were a citizen in brunswick in the 1960's would you join confederation?

I think you mean 1860s and yes I would because it would benefit the economy, and provide better defence against Irish Fenian raids and Americans. Also, the intercolonial railway linked with us would benefit us as trade, transportation, and communication would be easier.

When did Fenian Rising happen?

Fenian Rising happened in 1867.

What was one war fought in Canada?

The War of 1812The French and Indian WarThe Red River RebellionThe Upper Canada RebellionThe Lower Canda RebellionThe Saskatchewan RebellionThe Fenian Raids

How do you spell Fenian?

Fenian: a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in the 19th century.