How did Mary arden die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mary (Arden) Shakespeare (c. 1537â??1608) was the mother of William Shakespeare. The cause of her death is unknown, but she died at age 68.

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Q: How did Mary arden die?
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What year was Mary Arden born?

Mary Arden the judge:1947 Mary Arden Shakespeare's mother:1537

When did Mary arden die?

She lived from 1540 to 1608. So she died in 1608.

Who was Mary Arden to john Shakespeare?

Mary Arden and John Shakespeare were husband and wife.

What was Shakespeare mothers full name?

Mary Arden, later Mary Shakespeare after her marriage.

What was his mothers name Shakespeare?

Mary Arden, or after her marriage, Mary Shakespeare.

When was Mary Arden - actress - born?

Mary Arden - actress - was born on 1933-07-30.

What was Mary arden's father job?

he was a farmer and his name was Robert Arden.

What wasWilliam Shakespeare's mother's maiden name?

Arden. She was born Mary Arden.

When was Mary arden born?


Who is Mary Arden's famous son?

Mary Arden married John Shakespeare and their most famous son is, of course, William Shakespeare.

When was Arden Must Die created?

Arden Must Die was created in 1974.

Who is Mary arden?

William shakespeares mum