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I think it is that he had the great wall to protect him and his peole and kingdom and palace.

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Q: How did Shihuangdi organize his empire?
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What is a sentence for province?

Shihuangdi divided his empire into 36 province.

What geographic features helped shihuangdi win control of the win region?

Its actually mountains and deserts. That's the right answer.

What was the first Chinese empire?

it is the Qin dynasty ruled by Qin Shihuangdi

Where was shihuangdi buried?

Shi was buried in China, most likely in the first Chinese empire.

What two ways geography helped Shihuangdi win and hold his empire?

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How did the farmers' help make shihuangdi's empire strong?

it helped bring food to there people

Did Qin shihuagdi create the golden rule?

Qin Shihuangdi never led his empire into a golden age. The empire that experienced a golden age was the Han empire, the empire who defeated Qin forces, thanks to advances in technology and trade.

How did farmers make shihuangdi empire strong?

Farmers kinda guarded the kingdom and they would build highways to link the cities together

How did darius 1 organize Persian empire politically?

Into Satraps .

Did shihuangdi marry?


What did Qin Shihuangdi do To discourage invasion from nomadic invaders from the north china?

Why did in Shihuangdi build the great wall of china

Did the Qin dynasty have a leader?