How did Stalin change the world?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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This question specifically refers to the ramifications of the Soviet occupation of Central and Eastern Europe from 1945 until the final troop withdrawals in the 1990s. Stalin suppressed the democratic aspirations of these countries and set their economic development back decades.

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Stalin changed the world by striking fear into the hearts of millions of people. He helped to industrialize Russia and added socialized medicine and health services to the country. He also equalized education between men and women.

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Stalin was key in the beginning of the Cold War. He also was probably a main reason the Germans didn't win the war, and therefore made a huge difference there.

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Q: How did Stalin change the world?
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Who was the leader for russia in world war 2?

Josef StalinJosef StalinJosef Stalin.

What was Joseph Stalin's goal after World War 2?

After World War 1, the Russian Revolution was won by Communist forces. Vladimir Lenin was the new leader, with Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky competing with each other for power in an effort to become Lenin's successor upon his death. Stalin was eventually successful, resulting in Trotsky's exile and assassination.

What did joseph stalin change russia into?


Who was jozef Stalin?

jozef Stalin was the dictator of russia in world war 2.

What was Stalin in World War 2?

Josef Stalin was the leader of the USSR in ww2

Was Stalin the USSR's World War 2 leader?

Yes, Joseph Stalin was.

Who was leader of the Soviet Union World War 2?

Joseph Stalin

Who was known as uncle joe in World War 2?

Stalin - Uncle Joe Stalin

Which men was alive at the end of World War 2?

joseph stalin

Who was the leader of soviet union during world war ii?

Joseph Stalin

How manu okranians were killed by Stalin in World War 2?

7 million Ukrainians were killed by Stalin during World War 2.

What country was invaded by Hitler and Stalin to spark world war 2?

Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland and sparked World War 2.