How did Thomas Seymour die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he was beheaded

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Q: How did Thomas Seymour die?
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When did Thomas Day Seymour die?

Thomas Day Seymour died in 1907.

When did Thomas H. Seymour die?

Thomas H. Seymour died on 1868-09-03.

How tall is Thomas Edward Seymour?

Thomas Edward Seymour is 6'.

When was Thomas Day Seymour born?

Thomas Day Seymour was born in 1848.

What nicknames does Thomas Edward Seymour go by?

Thomas Edward Seymour goes by Tom.

When was Thomas Edwards-Seymour born?

Thomas Edwards-Seymour was born on 1982-09-14.

When was Thomas H. Seymour born?

Thomas H. Seymour was born on 1807-09-29.

What was Jane Seymour's brother called?

Jane Seymour's brother is called Thomas Seymour

What year did Cathrine parr marry thomas Seymour?

Cathrine Parr married Thomas Seymour in May 1547

What was the names of Jane Seymour's siblings?

Jane Seymour (c1509 - 1537), the third wife of Henry VIII (1491 - 1537), and daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth; had the following brothers and sisters: · John Seymour (died: 1510) · Margery Seymour (1502 - 1520 · Edward Seymour, First Duke of Somerset (c1506 - 1552) · Thomas Seymour, First Baron Seymour of Sudeley (c1508 - 1549) · Elizabeth Seymour, the Marchioness of Winchester (c1513 - 1563) · Sir Henry Seymour (c1514 - c1568) · Dorothy Seymour · Anthony Seymour

Did Catherine parr marry Jane Seymour's brother Answer Yes Thomas Seymour.?

Yes. When Henry died Catherine Parr married Thomas Seymour and Elizabeth went to live with them.

When was Thomas Edward Seymour born?

Thomas Edward Seymour was born on January 20, 1977, in New Britain, Connecticut, USA.