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The caravel, a small highly mobile ship, was the main vessel used in sea exploration. It was hardy, very seaworthy and had a number of different sails making it highly manueverable

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Q: How did caravel affect overseas exploration in the 1400?
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A lighter and faster sailing ship first built around 1400?


What are some inventions between 1400-1600?

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When did the age of the exploration start?

late 1400's.

What kind of changes in science and economics made European exploration possible?

Advances in technology made these voyages possible. A new kind of ship, the caravel, was stronger built than earlier ships. That is what made the Europeans able to begin exploring foreign lands in the 1400's.

Why were European so interested in exploration in the 1400?

To spread Christianity

When was the caravel invented?

The caravel was made smaller and with a shallow keel to take advantage of the wind. Like other ships of the time, it was made of wood.

Who provided leadership for portuguese exploration in the 1400?

Prince Henry the Navigator is the one.

When was midieval times?

410 AD with the fall of Rome to 1400 with the start of exploration.

What time period did The Middle Ages end in?

The 1400's with the age of exploration.

What were two important results of European exploration in the 1400's and thee 1500's?


What technological improvements made exploration by sea possible in the 1400?"

What desire led to the wave of world exploration in the 1400 and 1500?

To trade with wealthy Asian Nations