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it didnt =_=

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Q: How did conflict between the french speaking and English speaking members of the Canadian government eventually contribute to confederation?
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What did the North West territories get for joining confederation?

They got government. They didnt really have a choice cause they got sold from the british to the Canadian government!

When did Spain join confederation?

Spain joining Canadian Confederation? What planet are you on?

What was the outcome of Prince Edward Island joining Confederation?

The outcome of Prince Edward Island's joining of the Canadian Confederation was that its major financial issues were solved. They also began to receive government services from Canada.

What were the 72 resolutions mainly about?

Peace, order, and good government and its a guide for Canada in 1864-1866

Nova scotia confederation?

1867, one of the Charter members of the Canadian Confederation.

What is the definition of anti confederationists?

The anti-confederationists were a group of people who denied the proposal of a union, also making fun of the proposed union. By: Dylan Yu xD

How long standing was the Canadian confederation's impact?

The impact of Canada's Confederation continues to this day.

When did the Canadian confederation start?

July 1, 1867. Or now commonly known as Canada day.

What is the newest Canadian province?

The newest Canadian province is Newfoundland and Labrador, which entered confederation on March 31, 1949. The newest Canadian territory is Nunavut, which entered confederation on April 1, 1999.

What were the disadvantages of british Columbia joining confederation?

some people in British Columbia supported the idea because they wanted more control over their government. British Columbia had the advantage that if they would join the confederation the Canadian government would make them a railway from Nova Scotia to British Columbia

Why New Brunswick should not have joined confederation?

They didn't want to join because the Canadian Government wanted a big cut of the natural resources of both provinces...

How does immigration affect Canadian identity?

It affects an immigrants perspective on life. --------------------- There is no "Canadian Identity". Canada is a Confederation of many Nations with many cultures. Immigration enriches the Canadian Confederation by adding to those many cultures.