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The balkins were people of a different ethnic so yea didnt answer your question but yea go read a book

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Q: How did ethnic tensions in the balkans spark a political assassination?
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What caused the violence in the balkans in the 1990s?

The violence in the Balkans in the 1990s was primarily caused by a combination of historical ethnic and religious tensions, the breakup of Yugoslavia, and the desire for self-determination among various ethnic groups. Nationalism, political manipulation, and the legacy of past conflicts also played significant roles in fueling the violence.

Ethnic tensions in Czechoslovakia led to what?

Ethnic tensions in Czechoslovakia led to

What ethnic tensions in bosnia led to the assassination of archduke francis Ferdinand and launched world war 1?

the serbians vieved the austrians as foreign oppressors

How is the history of colonialism in Africa related to the currently failed states of Africa?

Colonialism created politically unstable nations

What ethnic group did Balkans and Russia belong to?

The majority of the population of the Balkans and Russia are the Slavs.

Ethnic and religious tensions in Central Asia are those in the Caucasus.?

Ethnic and religious tensions in Central Asia are _____ those in the Caucasus.

What does ethnic tensions mean?

Ethnic tensions refers to conflicts of interest among various ethnic groups within a society. Thus as example, if a large city has a police force that is dominated by a specific ethnic group, this can create tensions between the police force and poor minority groups in their relationships with each other. The dominate ethnic group will in some cases try to take advantage of the fact that they have police powers over a smaller ethnic group with problems such as poverty. Tensions between the "haves & have nots" become "ethnic tensions".

What were the ethnic and religions in Bulgaria in 1914?

in 1914, no role of ethnic or religious tensions

What physical feature separated ethnic groups in the Balkans?

the mountains

How many ethnic groups are there in the Balkans?

There are around a dozen major ethnicities in the Balkans and a number of minor ones as well. The major ethnicities include:AlbanianBosniakBulgarianCroatGreekHungarianMacedonianMontenegrinRomani (Gypsy)RomanianSerbTurk

What caused instability in Latin American government's?

Racial or ethnic tensions

What is a way colonization affected Africa?

It increased ethnic tensions in Africa.