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He assassinated a German General and he also invented the telegraph, which advanced into the Television.

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Q: How did sir William stephenson contribute to Canada?
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When was Sir William Samuel Stephenson born?

Sir William Samuel Stephenson was born on January 23, 1897.

What is Sir William Samuel Stephenson's birthday?

Sir William Samuel Stephenson was born on January 23, 1897.

When did Sir William Samuel Stephenson die?

Sir William Samuel Stephenson died on January 31, 1989 at the age of 92.

How old was Sir Bertram Stevens at death?

Sir Bertram Stevens died at the age of 84 on March 23, 1973.

Is William l Mackenzie the first primenister of Canada?

No. Sir John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada.

Who is William c van horne?

he is the builder of the Canada railway...also there is a school named Sir William Vanhorne.

How did Sir William Deane contribute to the Catholic church?

Sir William Deane, former Governor General of Australia, works to end issues that concern him such as: youth unemployment and poverty in those nations ravaged by war.

How did George Stephenson die?

Sir William Samuel Stephenson was born on January 23, 1897 and died on January 31, 1989. Sir William Samuel Stephenson would have been 92 years old at the time of death or 118 years old today.

Sir William crooks and the atomic theory?

William Crookes added to our knowledge of the atom that matter was composed of tiny particles

Did sir William Pearce Howland join Canada or not?

Yes he did. He he submitted his citizenship papers in 1841.

Who was the leader in canada in 1941?

Sir William Lyon MacKenzie King was Prime Minister in 1941.

Who is Sir John A MacDonald?

Sir John A. Macdonald was Canada's first Prime Minister. Sir John A. Macdonald served as Canada's prime minister for a total of 18 years and 359 days. He ranks second to the 21 years and 154 days that William Lyon Mackenzie King served as Canada's prime minister.