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By sailing ship. RB

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Q: How did the European settlers travel to Hobart?
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What languages did the European settlers speak?

That depends on what country they came from and where they settled. For example, the first European settlers in Australia spoke English. The first European Settlers in Brazil spoke Portuguese.

Where did the first european settlers come from to Canada?

The first European settlers in Canada were Scandinavians.

Where did European settlers come from?

The European settlers came from Euro[e. Most of them did, but some came from England or Spain.

Did aboriginal people travel on animals?

No. Until the European settlers arrived, Australia didn't have any animals suitable for domestification and use as pack animals.

What is the travel time between Melbourne and Hobart Tasmania using the Spirit of Tasmania?

The travel time between Melbourne and Tasmania on the ferry The Spirit of Tasmania is 10 hours. However, the ferry does not travel to Hobart, instead docking at Launceston, in Tasmania's north.

How did the European settlers change what would become the state of Pennsylvania?

The people who built the colony of Pennsylvania WERE Europeans.

Can you travel to Tasmania from Melbourne by road and take the ferry to reach Hobart?

No. One must travel from Melbourne to Tasmania by the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, across Bass Strait, then drive from Devonport (where the ferry docks) to Hobart.

What has the author Alice Tisdale Hobart written?

Alice Tisdale Hobart has written: 'Pioneering where the world is old' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Description and travel

Who were the European settlers of Australia?

The very first European settlers in Australia (not including the Aborigines who were the first inhabitants) were a mix of convicts, officers and marines, and free settlers, all of whom came from Britain.

What is the oldest Australian city?

Sydney is the oldest Australian city. This is where the first European settlers landed when they arrived to establish the colony in 1788.

Who were the first European people in Florida?

The Spanish were the first European settlers in Florida.

What did the European settlers of the 1700s consider the most valuable resource in America?

The European settlers of the 1700s think was the most valuable resource in America is coins.