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The Emperors power was limited because if the king chose a good bishop he would be knowned in a good way


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Q: How did the Investiture Controversy limit the power of the Holy Roman Emperor over the Church?
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Why was there a war between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor in the 11th?

This was the investiture controversy. The pope wanted to stop the emperor ordaining (investing) clergymen to high positions in the German church because he thought that only the pope, as a prelate had the right to do this. The emperor was opposed to this.

What was the outcome of an investiture controversy?

The battle of authority within the Emperor and the Church.

What was the investiture struggle or controversy?

It was a confrontation between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy. Please see the link below.

Was Donatist Controversy a theological controversy for the Early Church?

Yes, it was a controversy between the Donatist sect in Tunisia and the Bishop of Rome in the early 4th century B.C. The Roman emperor Constantine the Great unsuccessfully tried to mediate it.

Who clashed with and excommunicated the German emperor?

Pope Gregory VII clashed with and excommunicated the German emperor, Henry IV, during the Investiture Controversy in the 11th century. This conflict arose over the appointment of bishops and who had the authority to invest them with their symbols of office.

What was the concordat of worms?

The Concordat of Worms was an agreement between the Church and the Holy Roman Empire, signed in the City of Worms, in Germany, in 1122. It brought an end to the Investiture Controversy and recognized the right of the Church to appoint its own bishops. It was an important step toward the idea of separation of Church and State, and was an blow to the belief in the divine right of kings.

Pope and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire who battled over lay investiture?

Pope Gregory VII, and Henry IV

What compromise between the church and the holy Roman Empire resulted from the concordat of Worms?

The Concordat of Worms was an agreement that ended an important controversy between the Church, under Pope Calixtus II, and the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. The broader power struggle between the Church and monarchs had continued for some time. The agreement was that the Holy Roman Emperor had the right to confer secular authority on bishops, but the Church had the right to confer religious authority.

What was the significance of the conflict between Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII?

Henry wanted the right to name new bishops in his kingdom. Gregory stated that only the pope could elevate bishops. It became known as the Lay Investiture Controversy.

What was the issue that caused the conflict between pope Gregory vll andthe holy roman Henry lv?

The issue was the Investiture Controversy, the question of who had the right to choose new bishops.

What did the Treaty called the Concordat of Worms give the church sole power to do?

The Treaty called the Concordat of Worms (1122) gave the church sole power to appoint bishops and abbots in the Holy Roman Empire. It resolved the Investiture Controversy, a power struggle between the papacy and secular rulers over the appointment of church officials.

Did the Roman Catholic Church believe that their emperor represented Jesus Christ on Earth?

.Roman Catholic AnswerOf course not! The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Our Blessed Lord to lead all people to heaven, it has no emperor!