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Today the term Metis refer to all those of European and Aboriginal mixed blood but when Canada purchased Ruperts Land, complete with people, Metis referred to French and Aboriginal mixed bloods. Most mixed bloods in Ruperts Land were Scottish Aboriginal or British Aboriginal and that is still the case for Western Canada. This answer will refer to all those of European Aboriginal mixed blood as Metis.

They responded as anyone would if they had found themselves being sold to a new country without being consulted. First with questions, then with action which included creating their own government to talk to Canada with. Canada would not accept any such governments in their colonies and responded violently. The Metis and other met violence with violence but were out numbered and out gunned.

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Q: How did the Metis act when Ruperts land was purchased by Canada?
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Where had the metis fled to after the red river rebellion?

They did not flee, they held their ground, putting Canada into the position of purging the land of Metis and other people included in their purchase of Ruperts Land. Canada choose to blame just the leaders who fled to the United States as refugees.

Where had the Metis fled after the red river rebellion?

They did not flee, they held their ground, putting Canada into the position of purging the land of Metis and other people included in their purchase of Ruperts Land. Canada choose to blame just the leaders who fled to the United States as refugees.

Was the Metis action led by Louis Riel in 1869 1870 a true rebellion?

Not at all. They were not under Canadian rule, they had not even been invited into the Confederation. Canada calls it a rebellion because they claimed to have purchased the Metis when they bought Ruperts Land. Of course they never asked the Metis or anyone living in Ruperts Land, so no surprise that some decided they wanted to talk about it. In 1869 the people of Western Canada were only resisting a takeover, an occupation. You cannot rebel if you are not part of the country to begin with.

How did confederation affect the métis on ruperts land?

Negatively. Once Confederated Canada looked to colonize Ruperts Land which they eventually did. The Metis and many, some say most, locals (those living in Ruperts Land before being sold to Canada) did not agree with Canadian Colonisation of what they saw as their land. Canada used military force and fraud to quell rebellions to control and manipulate the Metis until large numbers of Canadian immigrants were used to make the locals, including the Metis, a minority in their own land. This was meant to and did disenfranchise them from the political processes that would create Canadian provinces and territories from Canada's new Colonies. It was even worst for those "mixed breeds" of English and Scottish descent. Canada's deep cultural connections to the French had resulted in them being referred to as "Metis" a French/Latin word. Not likely one they would have chosen. Even today within the Metis community some do not consider them "real" Metis because they are not French. The Metis, including those of Scottish, English and French descent lost lands, cultures and a major role in the political systems that rule them due to the Confederation of British Colonies to the East.

What did Louis riel do in the US?

Scheme to respond to the Canadian invasion of Ruperts Land and to hide from the successful domination of Ruperts Land by Canada.

Is Louis riel a villain?

In Canada he is. Canada bought Ruperts Land and acted like there was no people living there and if any where they would be thrilled to be ruled by Canada. Riel made it impossible to suggest people were not already living in Ruperts Land, worst yet he forced Canada to kill and take land by force. Something they would like to forget.

What tribes lived in Ruperts land?

the mohawk tribe was one of many tribes who lived in ruperts land

Why is Louis Riel a traitor?

Louis riel was a traitor because: 1. He executed Thomas Scott 2. he fled to the USA when the Metis needed him most 3. he rebelled against the government illegally. 4. he betrayed his country after the rebellion failed. 5. he almost destroyed the Metis community 6. he went crazy - with religion and the Metis community. 7. he expected that everyone would listen to him. Those are some reasons Louis Riel was a traitor.

What problems did John A encounter when trying to expand Canada to the west?

the things he encountered was that Louis reil fought for the land of Canada west and fought the metis's land

What factors lead to riels emergence as leader of the metis?

The main factor was the violent response by Canada. Riel was a local leader and did not identify as Indian or Mixed Blood until after Canada sent troops to force people in Western Canada to consent to colonisation by Canada. Canada played up Riels Indian connection. His family was French, French Farmers who had settled in the Red River area. Riel spent time on the farm and in French cities in Quebec, he was not a trapper or hunter any more than any farmer in the area of is birth. But Canada did not want Canadians to know that, particularly the French with whom they had just entered into a fragile Confederation with. It would look very bad to have Canadian troops from Ontario attacking French Farmers in the West. So Canada called Riel Metis, which was a racial slur among the French and prevented the French from being upset at the treatment of people living in Ruperts Land. In the end the Indians and mixed bloods looked to Riel for support and leadership against an increasingly aggressive Canada who was flooding the area with immigrants and had put in place a paramilitary force to crush any resistance to Canadian colonisation. If Canada had given the people of Ruperts Land and the territories the right to vote on colonisation and had not used force and fraud to get compliance Riel would not be a Metis leader.

How did riel help the metis?

Because they were his people, he fought for their language and territory and freedom. His father was the former leader of the metis so louis took over.

Why were First Nations peoples' voices not heard in Canadian Confederation?

They were not British, not a colony. Only after Canada bought Ruperts Land and acquired the Northwest Territories did they "inherit" aboriginal issues and treaties that had to be addressed.