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Go suck a w.e.i.n.e.r

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Q: How did the Scandinavian rulers react to Lutheranism?
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How did Scandinavian rulers react to Lutheranism?

Go suck a w.e.i.n.e.r

What are some of the Scandinavian religions?

In most Scandinavian countries Lutheranism is dominant.

How did people react with the new religion Lutheranism?

Lutheranism gained support, especially among middle class people in German-speaking cities. Church authorities responded to Lutheranism by excommunicating Martin Luther.

How did Scandinavian rulers react to Lutheranism in the Renaissance period?

Scandinavia was an important region in the Lutheran Reformation during the 16th centuries. King Christian II of Denmark-Norway and Holstein and King Gustav I of Sweden both adopted Lutheranism personally and advanced it in their kingdoms. Christian II's successor, Frederick I was staunchly Catholic and harshly opposed Lutheranism in the earlier years of his reign, but eventually came to tolerate and then even protect Lutheran preachers. His son, Christian III, was openly Lutheran and promoted that ideology during his time on the throne. It became the official religion in Denmark-Norway in 1536. Sweden had a slower start in adopting Lutheranism as a whole country but various Lutheran preachers and groups had a considerable amount of support. Canon Law, Sweden's tie to the Roman Catholic Church, was abolished in 1536, the same year that Denmark-Norway officially adopted the religion.

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Is Apostolic a type of Lutheranism?

Apostolic is not a type of Lutheranism.

How do you use Lutheranism in a sentence?

Lutheranism is a branch of Protestant Christianity that follows the teachings of Martin Luther.

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Who was the father of american Lutheranism?

Phillip Jakob Spencer was the father of American Lutheranism.

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Is lutheranism part of the Abrahamic faiths?

The Abrahamic faiths are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Lutheranism is a form of Christianty. Therefore Lutheranism is an Abrahamic faith. That is an example of a classical syllogism.