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The Age of Discovery, also known as the Age of Exploration, was a period in history starting in the 15th century and continuing into the early 17th century during which Europeans engaged in intensive exploration of the world, establishing direct contacts with Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania and mapping the planet. Historians often refer to the 'Age of Discovery'[1] as the pioneer Portuguese and Spanish long-distance maritime travels in search of alternative trade routes to "the Indies", moved by the trade of gold, silver and spices.

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It led to Atlantic slave trade

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Q: How did the age of discovery affect Africa?
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During the age of discovery which country controlled Brazil and some land in Africa?


How did the discovery of the Americas affect the people of Africa?

Introduced Africa to Christianity through Portuguese, A lot of weaponry were sent to Africa in exchange for slaves . As mentioned slavery increased specially in the Triangle of Trade ( weapons from Europe to Africa, slaves from Africa to America, Crops from America to Europe). After the discovery of Americas, Europeans wanted labor to farm and do the hard work for them when colonizing in America.

How did the renaissance and reformation affect age the discovery?

The Renaissance and Reformation influenced the Age of Discovery by promoting intellectual curiosity, scientific inquiry, and religious reforms. The spirit of humanism from the Renaissance encouraged exploration and discovery, while the Reformation challenged established authority, leading to voyages of discovery funded by new nations seeking wealth and power. This convergence of cultural, religious, and technological changes fueled the Age of Discovery.

What did Portuguese explorers contribute to the rest of Europe?

Discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Asia and Brazil, in what become known as the Age of Discovery.

How did the age of discovery affect peoples in newly discovered lands?

the native peoples were often enslaved by the conquering nations. APEXX

Who helped start age of discovery?

I t Depends on the person of the age of discovery

How did marie curies discovery of polonium affect us now or in the future?

The discovery of polonium doesn't affect us.

How long did the age of Discovery affect native peoples in newly discovered lands?

the native peoples were often enslaved by the conquering nations. APEXX

Where did the portuguese make voyages of discovery?


What is platinum's country of discovery?

south Africa

What discovery ended the Neolithic age?

The discovery that started the neolithic age was farming

Where did the Portuguese make their first voyages of discovery?

in Africa