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It farted

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No it's didn't

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Q: How did the astrolabe help the navigation?
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What were two inventions that improved navigation?

the compass and the astrolabe.

What navigation instrument is used to determine a ship's position at sea?


What is the mapping navigation and construction in astrolabe?

From Greek astron "star" and lambanein "to take". It permits astral navigation and mapmaking.

What are the instruments in navigation?

the instruments in navigation are gps's, kamals, sextants, cross staff, back staff, mariners astrolabe, quadrant, and octants :)

What did the astrolabe navigation device use to determne direction latitude and local time?

the sun

What is cross staff and astrolabe?

A cross staff is a navigational instrument used to measure angles, typically for celestial navigation, by aligning a crosspiece with an object in the sky. An astrolabe is a historical instrument used to observe and measure the positions of stars and planets. It was used for navigation, timekeeping, and astrology.

Instrument for taking altitude of sun or stars?

The sextant is used in celestial navigation.

Which year did navigators start using astrolabe?

Navigators began using the astrolabe for navigation in the early 15th century. It was a key tool for determining latitude by measuring the angle between the horizon and the stars.

How did an astrolabe help sailors?

An astrolabe helped sailors because it could determine any direction based on the position of the stars. This is why the astrolabe helped sailors.

The astrolabe is a pre-curser to what modern device?

The astrolabe is a precursor to the modern sextant, which is used for celestial navigation at sea. Both instruments are designed to determine the altitude of celestial bodies above the horizon.

What is more important to a ship a caravel astrolabe or magnetic compass?

Both the caravel astrolabe and the magnetic compass are important navigation tools for a ship, but the magnetic compass is generally considered more crucial. The compass provides a reliable and constant indication of the ship's direction, allowing for accurate navigation even when visibility is limited. The caravel astrolabe, on the other hand, is used to measure the altitude of celestial objects to determine latitude, and while it is helpful for navigation, it is not as essential as the magnetic compass.

What technological improvements made exploation by sea possible in the 1400?

The compass and the astrolabe made navigation by sea, and therefore exploration, possible.