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There were Self-Governing colonies, colonies with representative councils (controlled some of their own legislative issues), colonies with nominated councils (mostly governor-appointed councils), and colonies ruled directly by a governor.

There were also Protectorates, mandates, and Dominions controlled by European nations in Africa.

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Some Africans were forced to work on plantations or in mines run by Europeans. The money they earned went to pay taxes to the colonial government

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They took over their countries and took their resources

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By defeating them, either by force or briebing them with money

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Q: How did the colonial powers control the native people?
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How did colonial powers maximize communication with and the control of native peoples?

They taught the native peoples their own language and insisted on its use in all official activities.

What two colonial powers tried to control Haiti?

First Spain and then France.

Why would native Americans lost no matter who won the American revolution?

The Native Americans were subject to being slaves or exterminated by the colonial powers. They were always (and still continue to be) disadvantaged against the people with the ruling power.

What did the colonial powers build in the countries they control?

Roads,factories,and established communication system

Why did they kill the native scouts first?

Native scouts were often considered a threat by colonial powers because of their knowledge of the land and potential to aid in uprisings or resist colonization. By eliminating native scouts who were perceived as a threat, the colonizers aimed to weaken indigenous resistance and maintain control over the territory.

During the colonial period in latin America as native Indian labor became scarce the colonial powers did what?

is your head. NEW RESPONDENT. They imported black slaves.

Why was it so important for the colonial powers to claim the waterways?

The waterways connected settlements, distributed goods and people throughout the area. Because of this, control over a significant waterway increased the colonial power's economic and military strength .

Ethnic and cultural divisions between peoples were used by colonial powers to maintain control of their colonies?


Which colonial powers exercised the least amount of control over the commercial and political practices in their colonies?

Great Britain

True or false Ethnic and cultural divisions between peoples were used by colonial powers to maintain control of their colonies?


What is the abuse of powers?

when people thibnk that they can abosulety control others

Why did the slave trade lead to underdevelopment in Africa and develpment in Europe?

The slave trade brought money and prosperity to Europe, but the slave trade was not the leading cause for the underdevelopment of Africa. That can be attributed to colonialism due to the fact that the colonizing countries took what resources they wanted and funneled the wealth derived back to their own countries. The colonial powers did not allow the native inhabitants opportunities or education and used them as slaves or indentured servants. That left the native people little means to develop their own countries and the colonial powers were not interested in the prosperity of those countries.