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They were horrified at how the French had mistreated their government and of all the bloodshed that had occured. They felt that they could no longer trust the French even though they had been allies during the American Revolution.

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The anti-federalists were opposed to despotic governments and felt the real power should lie within the people. Therefore, they were completely in favor of the French Revolution ideologically. Thomas Jefferson, in particular, was in total support of the revolutionaries republican ideals.

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Q: How did the federalists view the french revolution?
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Did the Federalists support or oppose the French Revolution?

No they didn't

Why did the Federalist disapprove of the french Revolution?

The Anti Federalists were very enthusiastic about the French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson supported the Revolutions Republican ideals. The Anti Federalists were known for their support of France versus the Federalist's support of Great Britain. Although the Anti Federalists were for the Revolution, they agreed with the Federalists to remain neutral in the Revolutionary War between Great Britain, Spain, France and other European powers.

What view did the political parties of the US take on the French Revolution?

Washington was unhappy about it but the Jeffersonians supported the French Revolution.

What was the initial american view of the french revolution?

There was a strong political divide in the United States as to how to view the French Revolution. At the beginning, the majority perspective was positive, seeing the French Revolution as being parallel to the American Revolution. The minority perspective, which became more popular later, was that this upsurge against the traditional order was violent and unnecessary.

Why did the liberals view the french revolution as a breakthrough?

Liberals viewed the French Revolution as a breakthrough because it allowed for a new political order that limited the power of the government.

How did the french monarchy view the British Revolution and the American revolution?

they veiwed it as a ruining of the nation and that they wanted nothing to do with the Brittish and Americans.

Why did liberals view the French Revolution as a positive breakthrough?

Liberals viewed the French Revolution as a breakthrough because it allowed for a new political order that limited the power of the government.

How did Democratic Republicans view the French Revolution?

I don't know, that why I'm searching right now.

What caused the federalists to favor an alliance with Britain?

Federalists favored an alliance with Great Britain as the nation that was most likely to promote commerce and investment in the United States. Federalists also believed that the government of Great Britain stood as a strong model of constitutional order, as opposed to what they saw as the radicalism of the French Revolution.

What were Federalists were alarmed by?

Federalists did not fear the government. Anit-federalists did. During the late 1700s the Articles of Confederation was being rethought as the constitution of America. When the Constitution was proposed, Anti-federalists believed it was too powerful nationally and could become a monarchy or dictatorship. They also thought it took individual power away from the states.

What did federalists view of Jefferson?

he was the head of the opposite party, the democratic republicans. Thus, his opinions were the oposite of that of the federalists.

How did the French monarchy view the revolution in Great Britain and the US?

It felt threatened by the success of the new government.