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The French Revolution affected the system of balance of power by having different people come into power in France. After the revolution there was more emphasis placed on individual interests.

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Q: How did the french revolution affect the system of balance of power?
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What were two important reforms during the french revolution?

Two important reforms of the French revolution were, the abolition of the hereditary aristocracy, and the introduction of the metric system.

What kind of government did France have after the French Revolution?

From 1795 until 1799 (so still during the revolution) there was a directory system. This system soon grew unpopular with the French citizens and Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage of the weak position the directory was in, and committed a coup (in 17899, and with this he ended the French Revolution). He eventually crowned himself emperor and made France into an Empire.

What were the intellectual causes of the French revolution?

The enlightened thinkers i.e. the writers and philosophers were the one. When the political ,social and economic conditions in France decline the writers and philosophers evoked a new light of hope in the common masses with their writings which subsequently acted as an intellectual cause of french revolution. They condemnded the prevailing social system as well

What effect did the French Revolution have on France and the World?

The French Revolution gave the world a different model from the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a giving of rights taken away or an extension of rights. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution simply listed rights that various kings had previously affirmed belonged to all Englishmen. The American Revolution limited the tyranny government could do. The French Revolution on the other hand presented a violent overthrow of the old order. It was not an evolutionary change but a revolutionary change. Many revolutionary groups chose to follow the French style of Revolution. The main one was communism. The politburo was a thinly disguised committee on public safety. It served the same purpose. Stalin was Robespierre. They begin with high sounding rhetoric. It had a dream based on platitudes. It disintegrates into chaos. The dream that a people can live by platitudes keeps appearing and never works. A group takes over the government and becomes terrorist. The impact of the French Revolution has been to destroy the old order. Like the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution destroyed the old landowning nobility. All revolutions based on the French Revolution do that. Then internal corruption brings the collapse of the revolution. When no other way is seen to exist to get rid of a powerful entrenched nobility, a French revolution may occur. When the task is to prevent a return of tyranny as it was in Germany after World War 2, an American Revolution may occur.

What problems did the third Estate have with the political system France had before 1789?

Well, because of the french Revolution the country was in big argument. The 3rd Estte had no say in how the country was run and i guess that was their problem ! :) thankyou x

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What system of measurements did the French adopt during the French Revolution?

The metric system.

What revolution was the metric system was devised during?

The French Revolution.

What was the class system called in the French Revolution?

The Three Estates.

Which of the revolution's changes to french society remains today a ten day week the metric system?

The METRIC SYSTEM is one contribution of the French Revolution which remains with us to the present day.

What factors contributed to the French Revolution What effect did the revolution have on the system of government in France?

ask ms hamilton

What were two important reforms during the french revolution?

Two important reforms of the French revolution were, the abolition of the hereditary aristocracy, and the introduction of the metric system.

Can the nervous system affect balance?

Yes, both the central and peripheral nervous systems have a role in maintaining balance.

Who did the French fight against in the French revolution?

The French revolutionists (the 3rd estate, the bourgeoisie) fought against their monarchical system.

When was the standard system created?

The metric system was introduced as part of the French Revolution, in the late 18th century.

The birthplace of the metric system?

Paris, France, immediately following the French Revolution.

Do steroids affect only the circulatory system?

Steroid affect every system in the body. For instance, they affect the immune system by decreasing inflammation, the reproductive system by changing the balance of hormones, and the stomach by affecting its lining.

What is the old regine?

the political and social system that existed in France before the french revolution.