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By supporting farming and trade.

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Q: How did the tang rulers strengthen China's economy?
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How did tang rulers strengthen china economy?

LeBron James

How did the tang rulers strengthen China's?

By supporting farming and trade.

How did tang strengthen china's economy?

LeBron James

How did Tang rulers strengthen china's government?

China was unified under the Tang Dynasty because like earlier emperor's, Tang rulers relied on a large bureaucracy. Officials collected taxes and over saw building and irrigation projects. They managed the army and enforced the laws. That is how China was unified under the Tang Dynasty.

What part of Asia did the tang control that helped Chinas trade?

Beijing and Chang'an

How did the tang and song rulers help the economy to flourish?

The Tang Dynasty was an imperial and is considered the high point of Chinese civilization whose economy at first flourished then declined. The economy during the Song dynasty was one of commercial expansion, financial prosperity, increased international trade-contacts, and a revolution in agricultural productivity.

The type of code created by Tang rulers?


Why did Tang and Song rulers give their support to a new form of Confucianism?

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What jobs did the tang dynasty have?

they had farming, traders, craftsmen, and rulers

What has the author Baiqiao Tang written?

Baiqiao Tang has written: 'My two Chinas' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Human rights, Counterrevolutionaries, Political refugees, China, Student protesters, Political activists, Biography

Which exam was restored by a reform by Tang Dynasty rulers?

Scholar officials

How did tang rulers change China?

They reconquered land that china had lost since the decline of Han dynasty