How do China make silk?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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The cocoons or pupa are put into ovens to kill any insects on them, this way the

silk is protected. Silk workers are now ready to reel the threads of the cocoon. The

reeling is done in a factory called a filature. The cocoons are first soaked in hot water to

remove the sericin. While they are soaking and the threads are coming apart, the threads

begin to be pulled by a pulley. The pulley is made of porcelain and is like the eye of a

sewing needle. The silk from many cocoons are wound together onto one reel. The silk

is so fine and delicate that it takes several cocoons to fill one reel. These reels are then

shipped to be weaved. This silk is called raw silk, because nothing has been done to it.

The raw silk will go through a lot, before it is strong enough for cloth.

It will go through a stage called throwing. Throwing means to twist. The raw silk

will be twisted and strands will be added and twisted together once again. This makes

the silk stronger than it was when it came off the cocoon. Depending on the fabric to be

made, determines how the silk will be thrown and reeled, or if it will be thrown at all.

After the throwing of the silk is done, it then goes through a process called boiling

off. It is boiled in soap water to remove any left over sericin on it. The removal of all

sericin finally allows the beauty of the silk to show through.

The silk then goes through the process called skein dyeing. The silk yarn is dyed

before it is weaved.

After dyeing, the silk is finally ready for weaving. Looms are used to weave the

silk yarn. Almost all silk producing countries have replaced hand weaving with power

looms. Jacquard looms are used to weave the heavier and fancier fabrics. The Jacquard

looms can create beautiful designs and patterns

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Silk worms and silk worm eggs are made of silk

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Q: How do China make silk?
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Does china still use silk worms to make silk?


What might have happened if the Chinese had told foregin visitors how to make silk?

China would not make much money, and Silk would not be only in China

What do ancient China women made?

they make silk of silk worm cocoons which silk worm are larvae

Why was silk trade famous in ancient China?

Silk trade was famous in ancient China because back then, only China knew how to make silk, and anything rare is usually worth a lot. China kept silk-making a secret from the rest of the world.

Did silk make life better or easier for China?

Silk did make life eaiser. Silk made life silk making many accomplished inventions such as paper. Silk also makes clothing. Also, an ancient route in China was named after silk. It was named The Silk Road. That is how silk made life easier.

Where does the material to make silk fabric come from?

Silkworms originate from China and live in Mulberry Bushes

Why is silk so important in china?

it was used to make clothes

Who first achieved silk making?

China. China first discovered the secret of the silk worms. They kept it a secret for many years until one day a few silk worms were smuggeld out of China and it slowly spread through the East. AMerica tried to make silk, but out environment couldn't support the silk worms.

Where do China get their material to make a shirt?

for silk they get the materials from silk worms which they have plenty of the rest i don't know about or care about

Where in the world does silk come from?

it comes from a silk worm that are in china. So, silk comes from china :)

Did china invent silk?

Yes China did invent silk or they found out that silkworms created silk

Why china silk technology superior to India silk market?

China silk technology is superior to India silk market is because of how many people china uses to produce silk. As you can see, china has way more people then India. In fact china has the highest population in the world. The Chinese people have were the first people ever to make silk and they have kept there secrets more than a millunium. but then the Chinese monopoly finally stopped, because of some guest that knew china were selling silk took a few cocoons and special tree leaves to make there country rich. The Chinese people is more skilled and have more technology then India making them sucessful