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How do coins help us to history

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Q: How do coins help us to understand history?
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How do coins help in the study of history?

coins help us to look at how they counted, accuracy,writing, and also kings and queens

How can geography help us to understand history?

it can tell us how the land had formed over the years

How can works of art help us understand the history of the native people?


How can history help us understand the world?

If you can understand all the trends and mistakes humans have made, history can help us by preventing making the same ones. We could understand how we do things and the purpose for doing them... read a lot of books and stay in school.

How does using a map help us to understand history?

It helps you find the location so you can retrace history.

How do parallel time lines help us understand history?

=So as you see ,l=

How does geography help us understand our world?

Geography help us understand our world by help us understand the future

How can historical maps help us to understand your history better?

they tell us what it was like years ago in a certain spot

How does literature help us understand human nature?

How does literature help us understand

How does histography help us better understand history?

helps see howthings were a long time ago

What impact did Rosa Parks have on your history?

She help us understand that black and whites are equal no matter what the issuse is.

How do coins help us study history?

It shows the queen on the back of it and who it was. Some significant coins can have pictures and years which can maybe show some special event or place.

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