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how have the venterans contribute to our nation

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Q: How do veterans contribute to our country?
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How many World War 1 veterans are alive worldwide?

15 ww1 veterans are alive.

Which country has the largest gold reserviour in the world?

south africa ,if you will take the country's legal documents then this may be correct ,but if every single person having some reserve of gold in india may contribute much of what they have in africa . :)

When did Vietnam vets receive compensation?

Veterans are (and were) allowed to file claims with the VA (Veterans Administration) immediately upon receiving their honorable discharge.

Why should American veterans be honored?

Why Americans Veteran should be honored? I think Americans Veterans should be honored because Americans have fought and died for their country from the very beginning. Americans have always answered their country's call to duty and fought no matter what the cause or reason for the war. We are proud of those men and women who have played an important part in defending our freedoms throughout our history. The events of these wars and the people that fought and died for this country are valued by all Americans as links to our common heritage and our growth as a nation. American Veterans are honored because of their bravery and sacrifice to fight for our country's freedom. These brave men risk their lives, waste their time, and sacrifice their families and friends just for our freedom. They have made the decision to defend our country in peace and war. Vets fight to keep us safe, and free. They are noble men and women. All have something special in them because if they didn't had bravery even courage. How would they fight in the war? Without bravery and courage about right now we won't have freedom neither rights in the United States.

How did the explorers contribute to the development of Europe?

how did explorers contribute to the development of europe

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Why we have veterans?

We have veterans because they use to fight for our country.

How did Veterans Day happen?

Bringing veterans in to fight for our country

What is the impotance of Veterans Day?

To respect our Veterans and what they have done for our country.

Why do you observe Veterans Day?

To thank veterans for serving our country.

Why did veterans start?

To celebrate all the Veterans that died in the wars and how all Veterans served for their country.

Why do you think the country celebrates Veterans Day?

To honor our veterans and heroes...

What is important about Veterans Day?

It is a day to honor your veterans for serving our country.

Why do people care about Veterans Day?

we care for our veterans because they fight for our country and because they risk their life to die for our country.

Who are some of the veterans that died?

what country

Why do they put flags next to veterans on Veterans Day?

To honor the sacrifice they made for their country

How does the business contribute to the country?

How does the business contribute to the country?Read more: How_does_the_business_contribute_to_the_country

What is the importance of Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is important because it is a display of respect and honor to our veterans and what they have done for our country. Without our veterans, who fought for our independence, we probably would not have our independence now. They gave up a lot to fight for our country and they deserve our respect and thanks.