How do you finance a war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you finance a war by paying taxes :)

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Q: How do you finance a war?
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When was War Finance Corporation created?

War Finance Corporation was created in 1918.

When did War Finance Corporation end?

War Finance Corporation ended in 1939.

What has the author Joseph Frederick Parkinson written?

Joseph Frederick Parkinson has written: 'Some problems of war finance in Canada' -- subject(s): Finance, Finance, Public, Public Finance, World War, 1939-1945

What Napoleon sold the US this territory in order to finance his European war?

Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the US to finance his European War.

What did the US sell to help finance the war?

government war bonds

How did the south finance the war?

Cotton and drugs

How was a liberty bond used in World War 1?

to help finance the war

How did the South try to finance the war?

The South tried to finance the war by making more cotton. This was bad for the slaves because that meant that they would have to world harder.

How did us finance the war effort?

By collecting taxes

What taxes were put in place to finance the Civil War?

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How did the U.S finance World War 1?


How did the us government finance the war?

income tax