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Q: How do you greet someone you just met in the Victorian era?
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What was a Victorian wheelwright job?

A Victorian Wheelwright is someone who made wheels during the Victorian era, out of wood and often with iron rims

What was the era before the Victorian era?

There were a number of eras that were between the Tudor era and the Victorian era. The era were in the following order after the Tudor era came Stuart era and then the Georgian era which was followed by the Victorian era.

Was the Victorian times before edwardian times?

Yes, The Victorian era was 1837-1901 and the Edwardian era was 1901-1910 Because the Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria, and the Edwardian after her son who came to the throne on her death

What is a kristy rho?

A Victorian-era sandwich. No, she is not a Victorian-era sandwich. She is a UNICORN!

When did the Victorian Era start and finish?

The Victorian Era started at 1819 to 1901

Behavior during the Victorian era?

The Victorian Era was a time of conflicting morality.

How did the royal family life in the Victorian times?

The only monarch in the Victorian era was Queen Victoria, which is why it is the Victorian era.

What time era is Oliver Twist in?

Oliver Twist is placed in the Victorian era.

What era was before the Victorian era?

The Georgian era.

Arrange the following literary eras in chronological order Modernist era Romantic era Neoclassical era Victorian era?

Neoclassical era Romantic Era Victorian Era Modernist Era

Are saints Victorian?

There are some Victorian era saints but not all saints are Victorian.

What is a Victorian Era gentleman?

A Victorian era gentleman was characterized as someone that did not need to "work" for a living. "Work" was manual labor of any kind. The gentleman often owned land and had a large income in comparison with those of the lower classes.