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Front brakes are quite easy to repair. I have a 93 ranger extended cab myself. There are two main components the rotor and the calipers. After your car is on jack stands remove your wheel (* important note: make sure your brakes arent depressed before you start working on them. this will draw the brake pads up against the rotors and you wont be able to easily remove them). You should see the silver circular disc (rotor) and a contraption that is grabbing onto the rotor (caliper). now you must remove the caliper. there are two Allen head bolts that hold each side of the caliper together, one on the top left and on on the top right. after removing those bolts the caliper should be able to be lifted off. inside the caliper you will see the brake shoes. inspect them for uneven wear, pitting, and cracks. if any of those exist or the pads are just worn down to the point of being worthless then change them. the shoes are simply held on my two metal clams which can just be lifted and slid off. Do the same procedure for the rotor. Inspect for damages and replace if needed ( there is a minimum width that the rotor needs to be in order to function properly so after you remove it you may want to do one of two things. 1- take it to a local auto parts store that can "turn" rotors ( a fancy word for grinding) or 2- just buy new ones. they are relativly cheap. Then to put back together you will just need to reverse the steps.

Just to add a little to this answer. I am not sure where the Allen head bolts are you are taking about. I have two slide-in keys that are pushed out using a 1/4 inch socket extension and hammer. Once those are removed the caliper comes off and you can replace the pads. I always turn the rotors as the wear is uneven and you may not get full contact when you apply the brakes. You can not tell if it is uneven by looking at it. Also a good time to replace the grease seals and bearings. That means fresh grease and a piece of mind.

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Q: How do you replace the front brakes on a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT?
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