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how to retrieve deleted convos from skout

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Q: How do you restore deleted skout chat history?
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How can you recover chat history on facebook after you have deleted it?

Thank me later.. cheers mate

Does facebook store deleted chat history?

Facebook does not store deleted chat history. Once a message or conversation is deleted by a user, it is permanently removed and cannot be retrieved by Facebook or anyone else.

How do you get a history log on MSN a history log from a deleted contact?

It should still be in the chat log folder, if not, it is untraceable.

Can you recover deleted yahoo chat conversations?

no you can not

How do you get rid of binweevils?

you need to get your chat disabled then get it deleted

Why isn't myspaceIM chat room not showin on my messenger?

It has been deleted

How do get a chat history for Yoville chat?

you cant

Is there anyway to get back deleted chat from facebook?

Sadly, no, not that I know about.

How can I get back my deleted chat on Facebook?

sadly you cant but if you remember then that good

No i was lkOn facebook how can you find your chat history if you cleared your chat history and how can you find the history?

you may have to call facebook

What are some games that have to be deleted by hackers?

-MeetStone -ChatBazaar Singles Chat room -Switchen

Would like to ask how your facebook chat was deleted?

can,t find out answer why.