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The soldier showed clemency to his prisoner by sharing some food with him.

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Q: How do you use clemency in a sentence?
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Can you use clemency in a sentence?

The word 'clemency' means mercy of leniency. An example of using this word is: He was due to be executed, but the governor granted him clemency at the last minute and spared his life.

A sentence using the word Clemency?

1. Here is a sentence using the word clemency. 2. The condemmed prisoner petitioned the governor for clemency.

Clemency in a sentence?

The judge decided to use clemency in sentencing because the accused had already demonstrated regret for his crime by attempting to pay back the victim.

Can you give me a sentence with the word clemency?

He was granted clemency after serving 13 years for killing his girlfriend. The governor granted clemency to the imprisoned teens.

How can you use the word clemency in a sentence?

As a noun in a sentence describing a judicial decision, treatment of prisoners-of-war, etc. Look up its dictionary definition.

If you get clemecy can you own a firearm?

If it was a felony sentence, no. Clemency is only a 'compassionate' shortening or altering of the sentence, not a forgiveness of the offense.

What are the forms of the Executive Clemency?

what are the forms of executive clemency

What kind of lawyer do you use to get a sentence reduced?

There are lawyers that specialize in Appeals, and seek leniency or clemency. It is, of course, better to have a good one at trial that can get a shorter sentence. Your local bar association may be able to suggest some who are most experienced in the field.

When was The Clemency of the Court created?

The Clemency of the Court was created in 1893.

How tall is Clemency Hallinan?

Clemency Hallinan is 5' 4".

How can you use clemency in a sentence?

Elmer Fudd stood in front of the judge, his head hung in shame. On the evidence table across from him, a battered and bloody Bugs Bunny lay dead. "You have taken the life of another when there was no malice from him to you!" the Judge thundered. "For this you should receive a sentence of death. However, I will give a boon of clemency so that you may redeem your tainted soul". With that the judge slammed his gavel down three times, and his ruling complete. :)

How can the president become involved with judicial matters?

Through the use of Clemency, Reprieve, and Pardon.