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Although Christians believe in abstaining from sexual activity prior to

marriage, the praxis aspect is that the overwhelming majority of the cont

congregates will indulge in sexual behavior.

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Q: How do you use praxis in a sentence?
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Well, it may depend on which PRAXIS test you are referring to... Praxis tests are standardized tests that many states use in their teacher licensure and certification processes. There are two main types of Praxis tests: Praxis I (sometimes referred to as Praxis 1) and Praxis II. Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), is utilized in the admissions process for teacher education programs. Praxis I measures basic academic skills. The Praxis II tests cover a wide variety of specific content areas. The Praxis II tests are often required before student teaching begins. The Praxis I tests are similar in "difficulty" to an ACT or SAT test. The Praxis II tests vary in difficulty depending on the subject.

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