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The same ways a democracy does, by imposing taxes and by issuing bonds and other loans. And in the case of Arab countries, by selling oil.

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Q: How does an oligarchy raise money?
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How do WaterAid raise money?

how do water aid raise money

What people in ancient Rome had oligarchy?

Rome itself had an oligarchy. It is a political system which has an oligarchy not people. The term means rule by the rich. The oligarchy in Rome was made up by the patricians aristocrats and the entrepreneurial class ob bankers, money lenders and investors in mining and shipping.

How does a theocracy raise money?

they do stuff to raise it so dont ask me weirdos

Did the army sell bonds to raise money during the revolutionary war?

The Government Sold The Bonds To Raise Money ;pp

How does the government raise money in direct democracy?

They raise money through the people. For example taxes.

Which is limit on the way political action committee can raise money when they are branches of labor unions or professional organization?

They can only raise money from their members.

How could a school help raise money for cure for cancer?

they can raise money by selling or just have a fundraiser.

Cafod How do they raise Money?

They raise it using donations from the public

How did the oligarchy government help insure more money in Zepplonia?

they pulled it out their butts

What is another country with oligarchy?

Russia and China still use oligarchy in the today world. They are small communist countries that still holds power using military, money and been highly sociable.

What does brutus refuse to do as a means to raise money for his army?

he refuse to take bribes in order to raise money for army.

How does a direct democracy raise money?

They raise money through the people. For example taxes.