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According to Malcolm Cowley, at the end of World War II, Americans achieved their second flowering in literature. During this period Americans attained a new kind of maturity in their writing.

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Sometimes, when a work of literature creates some social conflict, it can affect more concrete things, especially law, which then has further consequences. It doesn't have to be a blockbuster case to have dramatic results.

In 1966, the Massachusetts Supreme Court overturned a lower court's recent decision and lifted its ban on William Burroughs' novel "Naked Lunch". That decision along with the earlier "obscenity trial" used the concept of "redeeming social value" as a yardstick to decidie what was "obscene" - a concept still used today.

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if none of the stuff happened in the past we would not be here

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I am also trying to figure that out but all I can tell you is that is affects the language, content, and style of the writing.

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Q: How does history affect the literature of the period?
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