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Are you referring to any particular statute?

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Q: How does the statute fit into the evolution of Canadian political autonomy and sovereignty in history?
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Did Canada have autonomy at the start of World War 1?

Depending on how one defines "autonomy" the answer will vary. With respect to political autonomy, in 1867, Canada was styled a separate "dominion" with authority to establish its own representative government. In 1931, Canada was given power to pass and amend its own laws without final approval of the British Parliament, except for those laws which were "Constitutional" in character. In 1982, Canada was given power to amend its own Constitution, thus divesting Britain of any remaining legislative authority over Canada.

What caused the lower Canada rebellion?

The Lower Canada rebellion was connected to two main themes: 1) the subordination of French Canada and its institutions to the ruling British regime; 2) the resurgence of French Canadian nationalism. French Canadians had secured control of the Lower Canada assembly, led by the emerging middle class, but encountered resistance to attempts to assert regional autonomy from the colonial British authorities. During the 1830s, economic recession and mass immigration caused severe suffering in Lower Canada and threatened their cultural majorities in Montreal and Quebec City. In response to these problems, the Patriotes, an organised French Canadian party, pushed for major reforms. They cut funding to local governments and civil service, preventing provision of public goods. The British government responded by asserting their control and pushing through the Russell Reforms, rejecting demands for autonomy by French Canada, and leading to the rebellion itself in 1837.

Why did the UN's plan of splitting Palestine in 1940's fail?

Today we see the effects the the British and UN policy towards Palestine. Instead of having their own government and lands they are still fighting for autonomy from Israel. Both have claimed land especially in the Gaza Strip and Goland Heights. The 1940 policy was misspent and not logical. People can't stay nation less for over 60 years and feel good about it.

How did Canada attain its national identity and What are some major events and individuals that defined Canada as a nation?

One event that defined Canada as a nation was its decisive victory in WWI at Vimy Ridge. Canada entered the war automatically because they were considered still a colony. Vimy Ridge was a heavily fortified German bastion that the French and the British could not take. After the Canadians won the battle, they had a reputation of having strong and battle hardened soldiers. This eventually led to its autonomy as a nation, free from British influence.

What is dual monarchy?

The term dual monarchy is generally used only to describe Austria-Hungary between 1867 and 1918. Following its defeat at the hands of Prussia in 1866 and its subsequent exclusion from Germany, the government of the Austrian Empire did a deal with its most powerful and potentially 'troublesome' minority, the Hungarians. Under the terms of the Ausgleich (compromise) of 1867 the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary was given full autonomy in most areas of government. (The details of this compromise are complicated). Technically, the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary were made virtually equal in status, with defence, foreign policy, customs duties and the currency and postal service under joint control. Austria-Hungary adopted the official title of Kaiserliche und koenigliche Monarchie Oesterreich-Ungarn - Imperial and royal Monarchy of Austria-Hungary. This empire remained in existence till 1918, when it fell apart towards the end of World War 1.

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What two Canadian groups are pushing for more autonomy and exerting evolutionary pressure on the Canadian government?

What two canadian groups are pushing for more autonomy and exerting evolutionary pressure on the Canadian government

When to use Soverignty in a sentence?

It's best to wait until you have learned to spell it correctly. The word is sovereignty. Use it in a sentence when you want to refer to a nation's political autonomy and the rights that come with it.

What is the Maori word for sovereignty?

The Maori word for sovereignty is "rangatiratanga." It encompasses principles of self-governance, control, leadership, and autonomy.

What are the bloc quebecois beliefs?

The Bloc Québécois is a federal political party in Canada that advocates for the interests of Quebec and the promotion of Quebec sovereignty. They focus on issues such as protecting Quebec's culture, language, and economy, as well as seeking greater autonomy for the province within the Canadian federation. The party aims to represent Quebecers in federal politics and defend their rights and values.

What are important decades for Canadian Autonomy?

1992- Because I was born!

How did Jean Chretien contribute to Canadian Autonomy?

he kept Canada out of the war on Iraq

What was the essential Canadian autonomy issue in the King-Byng Affair?

he died by looking at dora

What are two kinds of autonomy people have fought for in US history?

Two kinds of autonomy people have fought for in U.S. history include moral autonomy and political autonomy. This has been the basis for many wars fought on the part of the United States.

What is the synonym for the word autonomy?

independence, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, self-government, self-rule, home rule, self-sufficiency

What are three things a country needs to successfully achieve autonomy?

Strong political will and commitment from its leaders to pursue autonomy. Well-defined legal frameworks and institutions to support autonomy. Support from the international community and regional partners to recognize and respect the autonomy of the country.

The term sovereignty means?

Sovereignty is the recognized right to make decisions and choices, as expressed by human rights, self-rule, and self-government. It is related to the concept of autonomy, or self sovereignty, which may be limited or complete. A sovereign state is one that claims and exerts control over a given area and population.

The belief that certain parts of a country should be independent?

The belief in the right to self-determination or sovereignty, which enables certain regions or groups within a country to pursue independence based on historical, cultural, or political reasons. This may involve seeking autonomy or forming a new independent state.