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It depends on the strength of the human, the weight of the spear, the material of the spear, the wind speed and the wind direction.

A thrown spear can reach 93 MPH.

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Q: How far can a human throw a spear?
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How far can an abiriginal throw a spear?

15 acres

How far can an aboriginal throw a spear?

I think it can be anywhere from 10 to 20 yards

How do you throw an aboriginal spear?

you put back your arm and throw like a normal spear

What does spear-chuck mean?

Spearchuck is to throw (chuck) a spear.

What is an event where throw a spear?

its javelin

Who used a woomera to throw a spear?

who used a woomera to throw a spere

Is an aboriginal woomera and spear the same?

No. The spear is a weapon but the woomera is not. The woomera is a spear-thrower. It enabled the men to throw a spear with greater speed and accuracy.

What is the word fo spear in Navajo?

a spear is : tsii'détáána spear for throwing is: tsii' 'anáhálghą́hí"To spear him with it"-- bigháníshgéédto throw spears at each other-- ahííníilt'óóh

What does spearing?

Spearchuck is to throw (chuck) a spear.

Three examples of throwing events?

Shot put: In shot put, athletes throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible from a circle. Javelin throw: Athletes throw a long spear-like implement called a javelin as far as possible within a designated sector. Discus throw: In discus throw, athletes throw a heavy circular disc as far as they can from a circle within a designated sector.

Why would a good spear fisher not throw his spear when he sees a fish?

A good fisher would not throw his spear at a fish because they have a chance of 1. Losing the fish and the spear when throwing the spear, 2. Good fisherman wait until they have the best chance to hit the fish, and 3. A good fisherman would never throw their spear unless if they could not hit the fish with the spear in their hands.

Why a good spear fisher would not throw his spear where he sees a fish?

It is called refraction. When light passes from air to water, it bends. The fish is not where you see it. If you throw your spear at the IMAGE of the fish, you will miss the fish. And go hungry.