How have people changed Russia?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Russia was the first country in the world that follow the marxism .Karl Marx was the first

man who give the thought of communism against the capitalism. lenin was the first Russian leader who made the first communism government in the world . from this the world divided in two types of system -capitalism and communism .see more from any world history book.

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With farms they irrigated much of it, and with cities they populated and built up much, and some parts they left untouched.

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Q: How have people changed Russia?
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Who are two people that changed Russia's history?

No one can change history. It has happened and cannot be changed. They can however change the course a country takes for the future. Two people that achieved this in Russia were; Vladimir Lenin Mikhail Gorbachev

What famous people were born in russia?

Alissa Rosenbaum, who immigrated to the United States and changed her name to Ayn Rand.

How were two ways that the Romanov family changed Russia?

Peter the Great 'westernized' Russia by introducing European technical knowledge, fashion and ideas to Russia; Alexander II abolished serfdom in Russia, freeing some 15 million people from slavery.

How was Alexander the II affect in Russia?

he changed Russia into Kurdistan the the help of serkan

Has Russia changed?

Russia as well as other countries in the world is continually changing.

How has population changed overtime in Russia?

Russia is just a Russia. Not Russian Empire or USSR. But it goes up now.

Is St petersburg the national capital of Russia?

No it changed to Moscow, Russia

Joseph Stalin changed Russia into a state?


When was Russia joined in G8 summit?

When it changed its name from the G7

What system of government does Russia have?

They recently changed from fascism to menzies.

Who were the Slavs of russia?

The people in russia I guess?

What policies did Boris Yeltsin made that changed Russia?

Boris Yeltsin made many reforums that helped Russia's economy