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the nile

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Q: How have the physical features of north Africa affected where people live?
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How do you think physical features affect how people moved to where they settled in Africa?

because of landforms

Why are the physical features of South Africa important to the people of South Africa?

they provide the resources and effect the climate also they provide beautiful scenery

How have the physical features of the US and Canada affected the lives of people there?

How have the physical features of Canada affected its people? Cans someone answer this for me people like a Soical Studies, History answer this question please so I can know.......... And someone who is from in Canada and live in Canada tell me please too so I can know.................. ONLY SOCIAL STUDIES & HISTORY TEACHER AND CANADA PEOPLE TOO............................................. THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD DAY AND ENJOY YOUR DAY AS WELL TOO.....................

What effects did Europeans have on the people of Africa?

how were people Africa and the Americans affected by European exploration

How many people are affected by HIV in south Africa?


How do Africa's physical features affect people's way of life?

okay, so the mountains? affects people cause of the water they get from it. then it turns into rivers. so it turns into flood. and floods can kill them alive.hope this helped. :)

How was people in South Africa affected township?

if i new i would not ask

How have people in West Africa's coastal countries been affected by European influences?

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How have people in coastal west Africa's countries been affected by European influences?

=== === === === === ===

What are Natural features of Britain?

natural features are kind of the same as physical features. for example, mountains and rivers are physical features, because they occur naturally. human features are when people have built something, like the London Eye, or the Statue of Liberty.

How has globalisation affected South Africa's local art?

Globalization has affected South Africa's local art by drawing more attention to it. Now more people outside of South Africa are aware of and fans of the local art from the area.

How does the physical features and climate of maharashtra influence the people living there?

roman people do exercise