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if there wasn't a British Empire there would still be slavery in Africa and we had the knoledge to find out about all these differant diseases and ilnesses and we was able to make the medication and give it to less fortunate countries.

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Q: How important was the British Empire for diversity in the UK today?
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Is british empire great or roman empire?

The British Empire was way larger and was way closer to today than the Roman Empire.

What do they call the British empire now?

The British Empire today, is now called the British commonwealth, or Commonwealth Realms or Commonwealth of Nations

Who was a Self governing empire in british empire?

There have been a few different Self-governing colonies in the British Empire. One that comes to mind is Southern Rhodesia, known today as Zimbabwe.

Up to the 21st Century Great Britain or the British Empire was made up of many countries which are independent today?

The British Empire. Great Britain is the latgest island of the British Isles.

Why did the British spread the British empire?

To gain power and a larger influence over the world. Without the British Empire, we wouldn't have most of the technology, medicines, Etc. That we have today, most of the money went into the army and scientific research.

What countries didn't belong to the British Empire?

About 50 countries were part of the British Empire. The rest of today's modern countries either didn't exist at the time or were in a different Empire. Some were even independent.

What is left of the British Empire today?

England, Wales, Scottland and Northern Ireland. i think....

What is the British empire today?

The British Empire no longer exists. However, there are around 50 countries who used to be part of the British Empire but are now independent and choose to remain part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Those countries include Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and many Caribbean countries.

Why was the Persian Empire the most important Mesopotamian Empire and why?

The Persian Empire was not a Mesopotamian empire - it included Mesopotamia as merely one of it's twenty provinces which stretched from Libya to today's Pakistan..

How does the british empire influence today's world?

The British Empire is the reason for the standards of living now. The luxurious living, our Interdependence with other countries for trade. The Industrial revolution defeated the need to do work by hand by creating new machinery and sources of power to run them. We do not have to work as hard as in the 19th century and we now have a strong sense of power. Women can vote and do the jobs that only men used to.

What important thing did the Persian Empire do?

It attempted to impose peace and promote prosperity on the empire, stretching from Libya through the Middle East to today's Pakistan.

Why was the Achaemenid Empire important?

For two hundred years it provided an improvement in the stability and prosperity within an empire stretching from today's Libya to Central Asia.