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basso ostinato was created in the Baroque era. Also, every composer of the Baroque period has a basso ostinato piece. so there u go :p

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Q: How is Basso ostinato associated to the Baroque period?
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What period was Basso continuo prominent in?

The Baroque period

What are the 2 kinds of ostinato?

i think it's basso ostinato but i don't really know the other one.

During the Baroque period what musical feature was introduced to give harmonic support to the melody?

Basso continuo - The basso continuo, used throughout baroque music, is a technique by which a harmonic foundation lends support to a melodic line that carries the main melodies of a composition.

When was the basso continuo common?

In the Baroque era (1600–1750)

What is music with recurring theme?

Minimalist music: Music based on the frequent repetition (with the slightest variations) of a small musical idea.Glass, Einstein on the Beach (Chapter 55)

What is an accompaniment that consisted of a keyboard such as an organ and a lower pitched instrument such as a cello?

This type of accompaniment is known as "basso continuo", which originated during the Baroque period.

One or more instruments that accompanied a main melodic line in the Baroque era was known as?

Basso continuo

Ground bass in baroque and modern music?

‘Ground Bass ‘means a bass part which is repeated throughout the piece. Is a term used in Baroque Music but has the same meaning as it means a part which is repeated as a bass throughout the whole piece of music to structure it throughout the whole of it.The GroundBass isalso called ‘basso ostinato’ in Italian.hope this washelpfulbecause it was to me LOL

Represents the two main concepts behind baroque music?

The two main concepts associated with Baroque music are basso continuo and the doctrine of the affections. These were used to create elaborate and emotional musical genres such as opera, cantata, and concerto.

One or more instruments that accompanied a main melodic line in the Baroque era?

The most typical Baroque accompaniment for a solo melodic instrument or voice is called 'basso continuo'. The chords would be played on a harpsichord or organ, and the bass line would be reinforced by a cello or a similar instrument of the period.

What are 4 characteristics of baroque art?

Ornamentation (apex)

What are the characteristics of baroque music?

characteristic of baroque music: Rhythm tonality melody terraced dynamics texture basso continuo(figured bass) words & music