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Only as long as it took them to bribe the gate keepers. The wall was built to keep the Chinese IN as much as to keep others out. It did the former fairly well.

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Q: How long did the Great Wall defend the Chinease from the Mongols?
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What did the great wall defend china against?

The northern barbarian invaders: The Mongols, the Manchus, the Huns, etc...

Why was the great firewall of china created?

The Great Wall was constructed to help defend against invaders, like the Mongols.

What is China wall?

The Great Wall of China is a wall that was built to protect the Chinese from the Mongols. It was there protection with solders guarding and alerting them if the mongols were coming.

What was the great wall of china made to keep out?

The Great wall was made to keep out invading Mongols.

What was built to keep out the Mongols?

the great wall of china

Why are the Mongols an important part of the history of The Great Wall of China?

They helped make the Great Wall better.

The purpuse for building the great wall?

China built the Great Wall not to keep Mongols out of their country, because they would need too many guards for that. They built the Great Wall so the Mongols couldn't run away with the stolen loot..

Who tried to keep out of the great wall of china?

Answer 1The Great Wall was built to keep out enemies. And to keep his own people from escaping. Qin was so harsh and that's why they would want to run away.----Answer 2The great wall was built to defend themselves from the mongols and other nomadic people, not to prevent chinese people from getting out

What did the Chinese build to protect themselves from the Mongols?

the great wall of china

How did the mongols break through to Beijing?

the mongols picked a hole through the weakest part of the great wall of china .they didnt have many guards protecting the north wall

How did China try to keep Mongols from invading?

they used the great wall of china.......

Why was the great wall of china built with brick?

The Great Wall of China was build to protect China from invaders called mongols. Because China refused to trade with them the mongols would invide their villages, taking food and burning villages. China decided it was best to play defence and built a giant wall, keeping the mongols out of their city.