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approximately 162 years

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Q: How long did the mongol empire last?
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What is one reason why the Mongol Empire didn't last long?

They had no unity of culture.

When was Mongol Empire created?

Mongol Empire was created in 1206.

What year did the mongol empire start?

The Mongol Empire was between 1206-1368.

Who restored the Mongol empire?

Emir Timur was determined to restore the Mongol Empire.

What was one reason why MOngol empire didnt last long?

Well, that's certainly one long-time reason. And afaik besides that there are some other 'short-time' reasons. The mongol Empire detoriated, meaning that it slowly split up. As it was way too large to be governed effectively from Karakorum, the empire was split up: The Il-Khanate, the Golden-Horde Khanate, etc.

How big was the mongol rule their empire?

the mongol rule their empire by help the animal and plantation

Which mountain range separated the mongol empire from India?

which mountain range separated the mongol empire from India

Why did the mongol empire broke up?

The general school of thought is that the Mongol empire broke up due to the death of the last of the Khan's. Others believe it was simply because the feuding had gone on for too many years.

Who was the great emperor of the Mongol Empire?

Genghis Khan was the first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

What is the biggest empire in the world?

The Mongol Empire

When did the mongol empire spilt into 4 parts?

After the death of Kublai Khan (the last great khan) in 1294.

The death of in 1259 marked a major turning point in the history of the Mongol Empire?

The death of Mongol leader Möngke Khan in 1259 marked a major turning point in the history of the Mongol Empire. The ensuing power struggle between his successors, Kublai Khan and Ariq Böke, led to a split in the empire and the beginning of a long period of division and decline. This event ultimately contributed to the fragmentation and eventual downfall of the mongol empire.