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It is really hard to say as the Mongols used to have a custom of killing all the residents of a recently-occupied city

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Q: How many Chinese were killed during the Mongol INvasion?
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During which event that occurred in 1899 were Chinese Christians western merchants missionaries and diplomats tortured and killed?

Boxer Rebellion

Why did the mongol empire declined after 14th century?

The Mongol Empire fell into decline IN the 14th century. The reason was a combination of factors: first the gradual weakening of the central position of the Khans which caused many local govenors and warlords to carve out their own dominions and fight their neighbors, then the outbreak in Mongolia of the Black Death that quickly spread over all of the Mongol Empire and then over all of Europe. As in Europe, it killed millions of people and added greatly to the desintegration of Mongol power and of Mongol society. China made use of all these developments to chase the Mongols out and establish the Ming dynasty. By the end of the 14th century nothing remained of the Mongol Empire but a number of small and often competing Hordes that would continue to decline in power and territory.

How many Germans were killed in Germany during World War 1?

about 9 million German soldiers were killed

Aristocratic commander who was killed during the storming of the Bastille?

His name was Delaunay, and he was killed after, not during, the storming. He surrendered the Bastille on condition that he and his soldiers be spared, but the mob got hold of him and his head was cut off with a rather blunt knife.

What happen to the Russian czar at the end of world war 1?

He was killed by the Bolsheviks during the Bolshevik revolution. His Family was also killed. Also they are the Tsar s not czar.

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Is there a website that lists the US soldiers killed during the Normandy invasion?

if i not worng : it should be a 100 000 ~ 150 000 million people were dead at D-Day ! dD-Day was Normandy invasion

In 1899 a secret Chinese society attempted to expel all foreigners from China Chinese Christians western merchants missionaries and diplomats were tortured and killed during the?

boxer rebellion

How many people were killed by the Red Army Faction?

around 40 million Chinese people were killed or murdered during the period of Mao Zedong's regime, Now that is a holocaust.

How was Detective Craven's daughter killed?

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What is the name of the religious leader pushed out of Tibet by the Chinese Government?

He's called the Dalai Lama; that's his title. His full name is Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso. His given name at birth was Llhamo Döndrub. He wasn't pushed out. I'm sure the Chinese would have liked to find him at home. He fled in secret to escape being killed as so many of the Buddhist monks were killed at the time of the Chinese invasion.

What is Japanese expansion?

Japanese expansion into Eastern Asia began with the invasion of Manchuria in 1931. It also created a separate puppet state in Inner Mongolia. The Chinese Nationalist capital of Nanking also surrendered to the Japanese in 1937. The Japanese killed as many of 300,000 Chinese in the Massacre of Nanking.

Does Hinata die in shippuuden?

No. She was injured during the Invasion of Pain arc, but was healed. She was not amongst those killed and brought back to life, and she is still alive in the current issues.

During which event that occurred in 1899 were Chinese Christians western merchants missionaries and diplomats tortured and killed?

Boxer Rebellion

What were the differences between Chinese and Portuguese naval expeditions in the Indian ocean during the fifteenth century?

chinese ships were 5x bigger than those of the Portuguese. portuguese were harsh and killed everyone that got in their way. chinese ordered tribute from the conquered lands.