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The estimates range from 200 000- 400-000, with the official United Nations estimate being 300 000. I will not name here the ways in which many were killed, and continue to be killed, for fear of not doing justice to such gross atrocities but please read into it. Countless women and girls have been raped and continue to be raped. This can and will change!

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In 2006 the UN estimated that over 400,000 people had died since the conflict began.

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Q: How many Darfurians have the Janjaweed killed?
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Who is being killed in darfur?

the janjaweed is killing the black tribe in darfur and they are supported by the sudan governoment

What propaganda was used in the Sudan genocide?

it is not called the sudan genocide, it is called the darfur genocide.. and the propaganda used is just like any other, the media in sudan is supporting the janjaweed and all that they do, victimizing the darfurians.

Who were the Janjaweed attacking in the Genocide of Darfur?

The Janjaweed were attacking the Africans of Sudan (South Darfur)

Who is unofficially supporting the Janjaweed?

Previously, the government of Sudan was unofficially supporting to Janjaweed. Since South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan, the Janjaweed has become less prevalent.

How were the victims of the genocide in darfur murdered?

The people of Darfur are being raped, looted, shot, children thrown in fires, and dead remains thrown in wells poisoning the water for the Darfur refugees who escaped the Janjaweed attacks.

What is the religion of the janjaweed?


What are the janjaweed after?

They are after eliminating the entire ethnic group of the Black Africans. The Janjaweed are Arab Africans. The two groups are both fighting for power.

Who are unofficially supporting the janjaweed?

The Sudan Goverment

Who are the people known as the Janjaweed?

The Janjaweed are a group of gunmen who operate in Sudan. The name is formed from the Arabic words for 'horse', 'men' and 'gun'. They first formed in 1972.

Who are the janjaweed killing?

they are killing the non-arab people

What role have the Janjaweed assumed for the Sudanese Government?


What is the name of the militia group that is supported by the Sudanese government?