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We in the UK don't have presidents. Not as heads of state anyway. Prime Minister Spencer Percival was assassinated in 1812.

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James Garfield and William McKinkey.

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Two. Garfield and McKinley.

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Q: How many UK presidents were assassinated?
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How Many Presidents were assassinated in all?

4 Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.

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Who is the other president who got assinated?

Lots of countries have presidents. Assuming you mean the USA, four presidents have been assassinated; Lincoln. Garfield. McKinley. Kennedy. Here in the UK we've had one assassinated prime minister,Spencer Percival.

How many presidents were before Lincoln?

Lincoln was the first American President to be assassinated.

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there weren't any black presidents to get assassinated.

Is dentist offices close on presidents day?

In the UK they are, the UK does not recognise presidents day as is true with many countries.

How many presidents are of UK?

The UK has never had a president. It has had kings or queens.

Is Abraham Lincoln like JFK?

No because they have too many things in common

What two presidents were assassinated after Lincoln?

Garfield and McKinley and later Kennedy were all assassinated after Lincoln.

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1.45784352994364983 over 7 and 1 fourth of the peoples legs that have diseases

Who are two presidents who were assassinated?

Garfield, Lincoln, and Kennedy.