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Q: How many and what languages did paul robeson speak fluently?
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How many languages can a bilingual elf speak?

117 languages

How many languages does Sigourney Weaver speak?

Fluently, she can speak English, French and German

How many languages can Gloria Estefan speak?

Gloria Estefan can speak English and Spanish fluently.

Who is a person who knows more than 3 languages fluently?

A polyglot is someone who can speak multiple languages fluently. These individuals have a deep understanding and mastery of at least three languages.

How many languages does Patrick viera speak?

Patrick Vieira is known to speak French and English fluently.

How many languages did Henry VIII know?

Henry VIII knoew how to speak 4 languages fluently: English, French, Latin and Spanish.

How many languages did William shakespeare speak?

William Shakespeare could speak 4 different languages. English, Latin, French, and Italian were the languages that Shakespeare could speak fluently.

How many languages did mother tressa?

If you are saying How many languages did Mother Tressa speak then, She could speak fluently in English, Albanian, Serbo-Croat, Bengali, and Hindi.

How many languages does arsene wenger speak?

Arsène Wenger is known to fluently speak four languages: French, English, German, and Japanese.

How many languages Sarah Brightman speak?

Sarah Brightman is known to speak English and French fluently. She could likely speak other languages to some extent, but these are the two known languages she is proficient in.

How many languages can the average person speak?

On average, most people can speak one to two languages fluently. Some individuals may be multilingual and speak three or more languages, while others may only speak their native language. The number of languages a person can speak often depends on factors such as upbringing, education, and exposure to different languages.

How many languages Charlotte Casiraghi speak?

Charlotte Casiraghi is known to speak French and Italian fluently, as well as English.