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16 kids. 10 with his first wife, Rachel Brewer, and 6 with his second, Elizabeth de Peyster.

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Q: How many children did Charles Willson Peale father?
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When was Charles Willson Peale House created?

Charles Willson Peale House was created in 1810.

When was Charles Willson Peale born?

Charles Willson Peale was born on 1741-04-15.

Who was Charles Willson Peale?

Charles Willson Peale was born in 1741. He was a portrait painter, a scientist, an inventor, and the founder of America's first major museum (called Peale's Museum). He worked for the good of the common people. He died in 1827.

What artist was an avid collector of animal specimens and fossils and was the first to display a mastodon?

Charles Willson Peale

What is the name of a US portrait painter of the 18th century?

Gilbert Stuart, Rembrandt Peale, Charles Willson Peale

How do you authenticate artwork by Charles Willson Peale?

Any provenance that accompanies the art work will help. Only a valid appraiser or museum can authenticate the work.

What origin was Margaretta Angelica Peale?

She was one of the daughters of John Willson Peale, a famous Philadelphia painter, soldier and naturalist. Her middle name reflects her father's admiration for the famous Swiss painter Angelica Kauffmann.

When was Charles Peale Polk born?

Charles Peale Polk was born in 1767.

When did Charles Peale Polk die?

Charles Peale Polk died in 1822.

Who made vast contributions in art and opened the first major museum in the US?

charles wilson peale

What were names of President Thomas Jefferson pets' names?

he had no bear cubs. Wrong. He received two bear cubs as a gift from Lewis and Clark. Jefferson kept the cubs briefly on the lawn near his house and then sent them to Charles Willson Peale for his Philadelphia museum. The cubs were not given names by President Jefferson.

When did Maria Peale die?

Maria Peale died in 1866.