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He had six children: Robert reportedly died in the American Civil War; Agnes, Thomas, Elizabeth (who died two months after her birth), William (nicknamed Zouga for the river along which he was born) and Anna Mary.

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David Livingstone kid's names are Robert, Elizabeth, Agnes, Thomas, William and Anna-Mary

these are not in order

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Q: How many children did David Livingstone have?
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Did David Livingstone ever marry?

David Livingstone married Mary Moffat , daughter of another famed Scottish explorer. She and their 6 children lived a life of ill health and poverty in Scotland due to Livingstone's many absences in Africa.

How many sons did David Livingstone have?

David Livingstone had two sons Robert and Thomas. See more information on David Livingstone at

What where david livingstone's children named in order?

David Livingstone had six children, named Agnes, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, and Anna Mary.

Did David livingstone get married?

did david livingstone get married?

How many siblings did david livingstone have?

he had 6

How did David livingstone travel?

David Livingstone travailed by boat to Africa.

Who was the discoverer of the Victoria falls?

david livingstone

What are David Livingstone Travel routes?

David Livingstone ate Preston

Which desert did David Livingstone cross?

David Livingstone crossed the Kalahari desert.

What is David Livingstone's birthday?

David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813.

When was David N. Livingstone born?

David N. Livingstone was born in 1953.

When was David Livingstone - film - created?

David Livingstone - film - was created in 1936.